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5 Best Ways to Support Employee Wellness

The effects of the second wave of COVID-19 in Canada can still be widely felt across it’s provinces. The recent surge in cases has put much of Canada under lockdown for the nth time. 

This is a difficult time where workers need all the help they can get to ensure their personal health and well-being at home or in the workplace. Are your employees managing alright during these tough times?

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In this article, we’ll discuss 5 of the best ways to support employee wellness, and also your own:

  1. Self-Care

If you want to make sure you’re healthy with a good mindset and mood, Self-Care is the way to go. As the name implies, Self-Care is taking care of yourself. This includes eating healthy, getting exercise, observing good hygiene, taking breaks, pursuing your hobbies, or even meditation. Apart from those, social interaction, maybe online or just over the phone, is also heavily important for anyone’s well-being and is integral to maintaining emotional, physical, and mental health.

  1. No To Overload

There are enough problems in the world today, adding to it by taking on more than one can handle isn’t helping anyone. Employees differ in their responses to stress and pressure from work, and depending on how they handle it, you could see their performance suffer from the additional tasks you’ve given them. Thus, business owners and managers ought to keep a close eye on the workload they’re giving their employees, and watch for the tell-tale signs of low motivation such as lack of sleep, irritability, irregular heart patterns (or increased blood pressure), aches and pains, difficulty focusing, or an increase or decrease in appetite. Speaking of appetite-

  1. Eat Good

We don’t mean stuffing your face until you fall asleep. Eating well means eating consistently at the right times and having the proper balance of foods in your diet. The act of eating a nutritious meal in itself is a great opportunity to recenter yourself and get back into focus and motivation in order to finish your tasks. Avoid skipping meals, as this could lead to more poor habits and poor hygiene, thereby affecting your wellness.

  1. Take A Break!

A great and straightforward way to help support anyone’s well-being (especially your employees’) is to give them the time for a break! Periodical breaks throughout the work day could be used to meditate, relax somewhere, take a walk, or just engage in any non-work related activity for a while. These breaks help maximize productivity, and gives people a chance to enhance their focus and quality of work. 

  1. Check In With People

One of the most effective ways to alleviate stress and help someone boost their mood, and consequently, their well-being and health, is by having a good talk. Employers can set positive examples for their workers by deploying coping strategies and being transparent with any anxieties or distresses. Being open about what irks you will help others be open about their dissatisfaction as well. Employees will find encouragement from your example, and will be more willing to blow off their steam over a good constructive conversation rather than keep it bottled inside.

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It’s always important to keep your workers in top shape, physically, mentally and emotionally. Implementing these 5 great ways to support you and your employees’ wellness can help guarantee that your team and company will not only cope with this difficult pandemic, but thrive as well. 

If you’re interested in learning more about employee benefits, and how you can get the best ones for your valuable team members, give us a call at BP Consulting, and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and help you bring your workforce the perfect set of benefits.

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