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Who We Are

Our Approach

Canada's First Paperless Benefits & Pensions Consulting Firm

We help organizations consolidate their benefits so you can expand your offerings, reduce your expenses and ultimately achieve a new level of growth because we control the entire insurance supply chain.  Our approach is grounded in a simple understanding:

Act as a Liaison will act as the liaison between your firm and the providers, ensuring your firm is satisfied with the management, administration and underwriting.

Meet Every 6 Months will meet with you a minimum of every 6 months at your convenience to review claims statistics, service standards, industry changes and relevant new legislations.

Leader in Communication is the leader in communication strategies; we’ll communicate any changes to your employee group through employee meetings, ‘Lunch ‘N Learn’ seminars, written communication, etc. whatever method(s) works best for your organization.

Develop Solutions will act as your lobbyist in developing solutions to specific problems in claim and administrative trends.

Access to all Service Providers currently works with all the leading service providers in the employee benefit industry.

Extension of Your HR acts as an extension of your Human Resources Department. We are a resource for any questions you have on your employee benefits or pension coverage.

Test Your Funding Model will negotiate the renewal with the providers; unique to, we test your pricing and funding models to test the appropriate fit for your organization. We will then negotiate your renewal with all providers.

Here to Help

Assistance will be provided to plan administrators when required. Our team of professionals are here to help at a moments notice.

Carbon Footprint goes paperless as first step to a zero carbon footprint.

We are proud to say that was the first benefits and pensions consulting firm to eliminate the use of paper for official operations.  We expect other firms to follow in our footsteps due to the rising awareness of environmental issues continuing to grow. While other firms and even insurance carriers followed in our footsteps due to the coronavirus, we didn't have to do any backpedaling.

The initiative was part of our plan to gradually reduce our carbon footprint to zero by the end of 2016. Plans of going off-grid through the use of solar electricity, encouraging the use of electric vehicles, and conducting virtual meetings whenever possible were in the pipeline to achieve our goal for 2016. Over the past 5 years, we have noticed the attractive perks in terms of cost savings, increased productivity,  as well as customer trust-building.

Paperless Noteworthy Benefits

With everything being digital we are able to save significant amounts of time due to increased organization and accessibility. All files and resources are available to our consultants and administrators from the simple click of a mouse.  No more back and forth trips from the file room to the copy room.

Our clients love the fact that we have access to our entire office through our tablet technology while in service meetings.  As well, our clients have become more organized having all their benefits and pensions information in a single folder on their desktop as opposed to multiple sets of files.

Keeping electronic file records essentially means that there is no need for a physical storage room for the printed files. Moreover, the ink, toner and papers required for bulk printing of reports, briefs, and marketing material are now out of the equation. This significant reduction in the stationary cost as well as the cost of storage space is shrinking the volume of overall operating costs of the firm.

With increasing number of the catastrophic incidents happening around the world due to the global environmental destruction and climate change, the need for such initiatives is being felt more than ever. We hope other businesses within our industry will also strive for zero carbon footprint.

Employee Benefit Services


Know your monthly expenditure

Turnkey solution

Great customer service

Low risk


Life Insurance

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Optional Life Insurance

Optional Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Dependent Life Insurance

Long Term Disability

Short Term Disability

Executive Disability top-up


Fully Insured

Retention Accounting

Administrative Services Only (ASO)

Third Part Administration (TPA)

Stop Loss & Pooling Insurance

Extended Health Programs

Prescription Drug Plans, Vision Care

Paramedical Services, Hospital Care

Survivorship Benefits

Private Duty Nursing

Travel Insurance, Out of Country Referrals

Cost Plus, Health Spending Account (HSA)

Dental Programs





Cost Plus

Health Spending Account (HSA)

Special Services

Executive Disability top-up

Multinational pooling

Executive travel plans

Expatriate medical coverage

Special risk coverage

Coverage for U.S. employees

Individual Benefits

Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability

Estate Conservation,  Trust Funds, RESP’s

Tax Planning, Segregated Funds, Health Spending Accounts

Out of Country Emergency Medical Coverage

Life Income Finds (LIF), Retirement Income Funds (RIF)

Individual Pension programs (IPP), Retiree Services


A Few Of Our Satisfied Clients

Easily one of the best in the business. You're really getting the whole package with BP. They're not just brokers... they're consultants with deep expertise. Not a lot of firms offer the communication, policy and review services as well and these guys have it all. Strongly recommend!

Louis Selmeci

BP consulting was extremely helpful in handling my insurance needs and providing me with advice to find the right type of coverage as a new home buyer.

Valerie Winder

Excellent support and service, above and beyond. Helped with HR and recently, Union negotiations. Would refer!

Chad Doiron

Were I not in the industry I would not hesitate to go to BP for any need in benefit or retirement planning, or individual life insurance. Heck I'd even act as a reference. Coming from a competitor, that should speak volumes.

Ryan Geerts

We took on one of their hybrid solutions. Our staff loves it and my cost are better under control. We had specific problems that required out of the box thinking, I would definitely recommend.

Adriano Martorano

Very knowledgeable. Would recommend.

Matthew Aceto

We are here to help

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