We are benefitspensions.com

Canada’s First PAPERLESS Benefits & Pensions Consulting Firm.

We help organizations consolidate their benefits so you can expand your offerings, reduce your expenses and ultimately achieve a new level of growth because we control the entire insurance supply chain.  Our approach is grounded in a simple understanding:

“It’s always the little pieces that make the big picture.”


    Act as a Liaison

    BenefitsPensions.com will act as the liaison between your firm and the providers, ensuring your firm is satisfied with the management, administration and underwriting.


    Access to all Service Providers

    BenefitsPensions.com currently works with all the leading service providers in the employee benefit industry.


    Meet Every 6 Months

    BenefitsPensions.com will meet with you minimum every 6 months at your convenience to review claims statistics, service standards, industry changes and new relevant legislation.


    Test Your Funding Model

    BenefitsPensions.com will negotiate the renewal with the providers; unique to benefitspensions.com, we test your pricing and funding models to test the appropriate fit for your organization.


    Leader in Communication

    BenefitsPensions.com is leaders in communication strategies; we’ll communicate any changes to your employee group through employee meetings, ‘Lunch ‘N Learn’ seminars, written communication, etc. whatever method(s) works best for your organization.


    Develop Solutions

    BenefitsPensions.com will act as your lobbyist in developing solutions to specific problems in claim and administrative trends.


    Extension of Your HR

    BenefitsPensions.com acts as an extension of your Human Resources Department. We are a resource for any questions you have on your employee benefits or pension coverage.


    Here to Help

    Assistance will be provided to plan administrators when required